About Us

“Making the right decisions is prioritized in conducting business around world, we provide our users that edge in their global business to help them meet more opportunities and achieve better performance. And now, the rule of the game should be changed!”
                                                                                                                                                          ---The CEO of Dream Overseas
DOPI is launched in 2017 by Dream Overseas Group, the scope of the business is to provide integrated management system and marketing advisory services to outbound agencies and project providers to help them obtain more opportunities and prospective clients. The establishment of DOPI reflects Dream Overseas Group are expanding to a new business field, as a business solutions providers for overseas projects providers and domestic agencies. The reason for this movement is that we believe the past 30 years experiences defines the value of our services, and we hope to create a positive attitudes and environment for the whole industry by sharing, cooperating with each other, which can guide us achieve the real success. 



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